Voice Dictation

Hello welcome to another blog post. I’m using voice dictation of this blog post which means I’m talking to my computer now I’m in a quiet environment so as a result this should be quite easy computer to pick up my voice and also to understand what I’m saying. I’m wondering whether I should go back and get it this text is quite pickup want to say that’s one of the problems with voice dictation is that while he doesn’t always pick up well. Planning to say was that the problem of voice dictation ethernet typing text that you want people to wind is not quite the same and somebody listening to a voice and speak you send me realise that you don’t speak properly be using is like a B and then you guys know what I’m talking about. So if you speak clearly and reasonably slowly then voice dictation will accurately turn your voice into text if you talk about your computer as though it was somebody in a coffee shop drinking coffee and new words and change things here are that I have the honesty using going to be very useful. So as a colour that last paragraph and did not turn out as expected if you speak clearly and reasonably slowly invoice dictation will Aquitaine voice into text if you decide to talk to your computer in a way in the same manner for example that you talk to somebody in a coffee shop and then your computer will convert your speech into text Blatchley somebody really your blog post. With somebody reading your blog posts and they will think were you drinking something else other than coffee when you wrote that you would not want to bring you were speaking and maybe they may be a little bit understandable voice dictation has some way to go before it becomes taintedness. That lasts sentence should’ve ended become totally useful rather then becomes taintedness I’m unsure what taintedness he’s having that were prices underlined in rates is from the real world anyway so there is going to be a lot speaking very slowly for the computer was slowly and clearly I think voice dictation has some way to go before it becomes useful and usable. I think you might need a good microphone too.