Not one, not two, but three

I had left my car for a few days at the airport after travelling to Amsterdam.

Got in the car and set it to demist. When this happened in my old petrol car, I would usually wait a bit and drive off, so the engine would heat up quicker. Obviously with an electric car, this doesn’t happen, so I just had to wait.

I then got an error message that the the tyre pressure in one of the tyres was low and needed to be checked. As I was at the airport, and it was only slightly off, so decided to drive home and then sort it out the following morning. There was nowhere at the airport to check air pressure anyhow.

However as I travelled home, I got further warnings. First it was one tyre and by the time I got home it was three out of four.

Next day checked pressure on all four tyres and got them back up to pressure. 

The sudden drop in ambient temperature is probably to blame. Always worthwhile though going to service station and checking air pressure.