Where’s me Spotlight?

I probably do have too many apps on my iPad. One of the reasons I bought a 64GB iPad was I knew there were going to be some big apps out there and I would need the space.

However one consequence of too many apps, is finding the app when you need to use it. I have to admit to not really organising my apps into folders, partly as it is such a bore to do that, but also I really don’t like the design and look of the folder icons. Also I am not sure how much they would actually help me find the app I was looking for.

So more often than not I swipe to the right from the Home screen and use Spotlight, the built in search on the iPad, to find the app I want.

So there I was on the iPad, when I wanted to quickly blog a picture that made me smile.

I decided I would use Blogsy, swiped to the right, typed Bl and it didn’t come up.

Hmmm, I thought, probably haven’t installed it on this iPad (or uninstalled it since upgrading to iOS 5). So I went to the App Store and weirdly it said it was installed.

I then went back to Spotlight and did some other searches, and nothing was coming up, no results, zip, nowt!

I did try turning off Spotlight in settings, but that had no effect, so I then did a reboot, by holding down the power switch for five seconds until the “Slide to power off” comes on and turned the iPad off.

Turning it back on again I checked and Spotlight was back!

I had just sync’d the iPad so wonder if that had caused Spotlight to fail. Generally the iPad just works for me, thought now and again I do find glitches and bugs with the operating system. Most can be fixed with a reboot though.