Playing games on the iPad

If you like using your iPad for games (in the main casual gaming) then you may be interested in the following apps. Electronic Arts are having an iPad Game Sale this weekend, so some of these are cheap today.


It’s a classic game and one that I am sure most of us played at some point in our lives. The advantage of the iPad version is that very difficult for your opponents to cheat!


I am always in two minds about Scrabble on the iPad, as some of the words the computer opponent uses I am sure are not real words! As a result it can be quite challenging to beat the iPad.

Mondo Solitaire for iPad

With over a hundred games and many different combinations, if you enjoy Solitaire card games then get this app. As well as traditional favorites such as Freecell, there are many different weird and wonderful variants. I particularly enjoy the challenge of Lucas or Forty Thieves.


Based on the dice game, this challenging word game is perfect for those few minutes while waiting for a train or a programme to start on the TV. Sixteen letters on the board and you need to make as many words as possible only using the letters and ensuring that are in order too. Like Facebook there are combinations in the results that I am sure are not real words!

Lego Harry Potter

If you like Lego, like Harry Potter and like puzzle games, then you are going to really enjoy Lego Harry Potter on the iPad.