How are we using gas overnight with our new smart meter?

kettles on the boil
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

When we moved recently to a new tariff for our electricity and gas we had to have a smart meter installed. I was happy with the old system, but cheaper energy meant we had to go smart!

It has been interesting to see how much energy we are using and how that compares day to day.

Having moved the smart meter remote display to the kitchen, I started to notice that we seemed to be using a fair amount of gas and electricity overnight! This made no sense, as we didn’t have the heating on, no hot water was running and the only electrical device running was the fridge!

Observing over the week, I started to think, did we have a gas leak? Was something wrong with our smart meter? Was the smart meter display dodgy?

I thought I better contact our energy supplier. However first I decided to search the web to see if other people were having the same issue.

Well as it happens, they were.

Was something dodgy going on?


What the “usage” was showing was the fixed daily  standing charge for the gas and electricity, which is added to the “bill” before any actual usage is added.

So it looks like first thing in the morning you have spent a lot on gas and electricity, whereas the reality its you haven’t, you’ve merely paid a charge to enable you to use gas and electricity.

Well that makes sense…

Though I wish something had been said about this when the whole thing was set up earlier this year.

I can now go and worry about something else now!