iPhone SDK


Took the time (and the bandwidth) yesterday to download the iPhone SDK (eighth beta), all 1.25GB of it.

The eighth beta version of the iPhone SDK includes Xcode IDE, iPhone Simulator with Open GL ES support, Interface Builder, Instruments, frameworks and samples, compilers, and Shark analysis tool.

I have not installed it yet, in the main as I am still running Tiger on my iMac, so I need to connect up an external drive with Leopard on it.

Download it.

Downloaded iPhone SDK

I have managed to download the iPhone SDK, but so far have left it alone. It does require an Intel Mac running Leopard and my iMac is still running Tiger (for a while).

My Mac mini is running Leopard, but it’s a G4 PPC Mac so no luck there.

Ah well out with the external Leopard drive and boot up the iMac.

iPhone SDK Released

Today Apple announced and released the SDK for the iPhone (and iPod touch).

iPod Touch

Lots of other sites have covered the event and the SDK is now available to download

Well at this point in time. no it is not possible to download, obviously everyone else is trying to download it!