Scribbly iPad Stylus

Though I do like the finger approach to the iPad, sometimes, especially when drawing or making notes I think I would like a stylus. When I used Microsoft’s Windows for Tablet PC on an HP Tablet, I really did like using the stylus for various things, just a pity the battery life was so bad (which is different these days I know) and the user interface wasn’t really designed for a stylus, worked better with a mouse!

The iPad with it’s focus on using gestures for navigation does work really well, but is not as intuitive for some things and I think a stylus would do the job.

Having seen this video, I think I might be getting one of these.

Scribbly is the ultimate stylus for your iPad or iPhone.

Replicating the look and feel of an old school marker pen it’s ideal for wireframing, sketching and notetaking!

Free your creative side with the scribbly stylus!

At £10 it’s not a bad price either.

Of course doesn’t mean I will be able to draw better… there’s more to drawing than just the tools you use.