Top Ten Blog Posts 2018

Over the last twelve months I have published 19 posts.

The post at number ten was from ten years ago, and contained a (now deleted) YouTube video on the new Skyfire browser for your Windows smartphone or PDA. Skyfire discontinued its Skyfire Web Browser in 2014.

The post at nine was now a rather dated post from ten years ago about how Scrabble’s owners were going to sue Scrabulous.

The eight most popular post was another ten year old post which was about when Apple was offering some free TV shows on iTunes.

The seventh post was from 2012 when my HP Photosmart printer died. My printer is dead! was a sorry tale about how replacing the ink cartridges on the HP B110a resulted it in destroying the print head.

The post at number six was Comic Book Fonts which was about the amazing comic book fonts from Comic Book Fonts.

The post at number five was wondering Where are my Comic Life Styles? I found them.

The fourth most popular post was about the free wifi (or lack of) on my holiday, Haven no wifi.

Polaroid Pogo printer

The post at three was about Dusting off the Pogo my old Polaroid Bluetooth pocket printer. Still going strong.

The second post was about when my iMac Fusion Drive Failed and had to have it replaced.

So the most popular post on the blog was my post about QR codes on chocolate bars, Cadbury QR Coding and Twirling was published in 2015 and was one of many posts I published on the use of QR codes back then.

Cadbury Twirl Bites QR Code

Scrabble for iPad – Game Choice #05

If you like using your iPad for games (in the main casual gaming) then you may be interested in the following games that I have enjoyed playing on my iPad over the last few years.

Enjoy the game you know and love with stunning new HD-quality graphics, quick and easy play, plus incredible exclusive features. The world’s favourite word game is now an iPad essential!

Scrabble for iPad £4.99

I quite enjoy playing Scrabble, but it’s not the easiest game to play on the move, when travelling or when you’re on your own. I bought Scrabble for the iPhone.

When I got my iPad, I did buy Scrabble for iPad and was pleased with it.

It works well and the AI can be quite challenging when you play against the “computer”.

I have to admit I am slightly sceptical about the dictionary as it doesn’t allow some words, and has some really “weird” two letter words in it. However it is consistent and as everyone is playing by the same rules, it isn’t too much of an issue if you are playing Scrabble for iPad with a real person.

Some may think that, where as Words with Friends has Facebook integration built in that this is a limitation with Scrabble, others like me think of it as a real advantage.

From an usability perspective I found it very easy to move my letter tiles around and to try words out.

Overall I like Scrabble for iPad, and it is possible to play reasonably quick games against the AI. Quick and simple interface means that it works quickly and easily.

Get Scrabble for iPad in the iTunes App Store.


Scrabble has been updated to a new version in the App Store.

Playing games on the iPad

If you like using your iPad for games (in the main casual gaming) then you may be interested in the following apps. Electronic Arts are having an iPad Game Sale this weekend, so some of these are cheap today.


It’s a classic game and one that I am sure most of us played at some point in our lives. The advantage of the iPad version is that very difficult for your opponents to cheat!


I am always in two minds about Scrabble on the iPad, as some of the words the computer opponent uses I am sure are not real words! As a result it can be quite challenging to beat the iPad.

Mondo Solitaire for iPad

With over a hundred games and many different combinations, if you enjoy Solitaire card games then get this app. As well as traditional favorites such as Freecell, there are many different weird and wonderful variants. I particularly enjoy the challenge of Lucas or Forty Thieves.


Based on the dice game, this challenging word game is perfect for those few minutes while waiting for a train or a programme to start on the TV. Sixteen letters on the board and you need to make as many words as possible only using the letters and ensuring that are in order too. Like Facebook there are combinations in the results that I am sure are not real words!

Lego Harry Potter

If you like Lego, like Harry Potter and like puzzle games, then you are going to really enjoy Lego Harry Potter on the iPad.

Scrabble’s owners sue Scrabulous

Scrabble's owners sue Scrabulous

BBC reports on how Hasbro the owners of Scrabble are going to sue the founders of Scrabulous.

Hasbro, which owns the rights to Scrabble in North America, is suing the Calcutta-based founders of Scrabulous – a game available on Facebook.

Last week, an official version of Scrabble was released for Facebook users in Canada and the US.

Hasbro said that Scrabulous violates its copyright and trademarks and has separately asked Facebook to block it.

Scrabulous is one of the most popular apps on Facebook.

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