Robin Hood Series 3

Well I missed that one.

Last week saw the start of series 3 of BBC’s Robin Hood. Didn’t notice it was on, too busy watching Primeval I think!


‘Negative’ attitude to Robin Hood

BBC reports on new findings that show that not everyone thought highly of Robin Hood.

A Scottish expert has uncovered a medieval document suggesting negative attitudes towards Robin Hood.

The story of how Robin and his men stole from the rich to give to the poor has long been part of English folklore.

However, Julian Luxford of St Andrews University found a dissenting voice in a Latin inscription from about 1460 in a manuscript owned by Eton College.

The previously unknown chronicle entry says Robin “infested” parts of England with “continuous robberies”.

Enjoying the final episode

I am currently enjoying the final episode of the BBC’s Robin Hood, which I recorded yesterday on my Mac using an EyeTV device. I am viewing it on my TV via an EyeHome media streamer.

Final Episode

Next week will see the final episode of BBC’s Robin Hood, in which our hero goes to meet King Richard to warn him of the plot against him by the dastardly sheriff and Prince John.

I have enjoyed this series and I do like the way that the series has been written and the way it does not take itself too seriously.

Hopefully it will be renewed for a third series.