Paper Camera

Sometimes I am find an app for the iPhone and I go yay, excellent. Paper Camera is one of those apps, the other one that I found recently that had a similar impact was ToonPAINT.

What Paper Camera does, through a clever interface, is convert the live camera footage into a sketch or pencil drawing image in real time. You can then press the shutter to capture the image through the live filter.

Now though this is very clever and useful, when I saw this app a few months back, I realised that what I wanted to do, was apply the filter to images in my photo library too. Well a recent update has added that function, so I can now apply the excellent filters to images I have taken before. This means I can do stuff at home or on the road, rather than always having to take the images live.

Some images work better than others, so you may not always get the image that you hope for.

I do like the range of filters and the three slider bars for adjustment do make it possible to create some really nice sketch effects.

Paper Camera costs just 69 pence and is well worth the money for the clever images you can create using it.

St David's Hotel, Cardiff

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