I was downloading a file!

So there I was thinking which office suite I should put on my new Q1 Ultra UMPC. I did consider Office 2003, but of course the Q1 does not have a CD drive, and my external drive is Firewire only. I know I could copy the disk onto an ISO image and that mount that as a virtual drive, or I could share a drive on a network computer, but that sounds like hard work (or so I thought).

I then decided to download and install OpenOffice, okay so it’s an 120MB download, but that won’t take too long, or so I thought.

So I started the download…

Well this according to Firefox is going to take an hour, okay no worries, I’ll leave the Q1 on, the batteries fully charged shouldn’t be a problem.

Left it for a while, did some stuff on the Mac, went back to the Q1  and it was off.


It must have thought, “ah nothing’s happening here, I’d better turn myself off to conserve battery life”.

I was downloading a file!

“nope, mouse hasn’t moved, no taps, no keyboard entry, time to turn off”

I am downloading a file, I don’t want to stare at the screen for an hour, I just want to download the file.

“okay, time to turn myself off”


“I’m off….”

What about my file? I was downloading a file.

Well that sucks, and of course restarting an interruped download with Firefox means downloading all over again from the beginning.

So here I am now with the power brick plugged in, you’re not very ultra-mobile now are you?