Monopoly for iPad – Game Choice #06

If you like using your iPad for games (in the main casual gaming) then you may be interested in the following games that I have enjoyed playing on my iPad over the last few years.

“GO” with the best MONOPOLY for iPad yet! Enjoy ALL-NEW gameplay features and improvements, including a Toyota Prius mover that lets you go for the green in more ways than one! From Mediterranean and Baltic to Boardwalk and beyond, enjoy a wealth of ways to play with friends – or friendly computer opponents!

Monopoly for iPad – £4.99

To be honest most people either hate Monopoly or tolerate Monopoly, there are also a few people who quite like it.

Playing Monopoly on the iPad makes me realise how many “house” rules there were in the games I played and how the actual rules can be quite different.

What I like about the iPad version of Monopoly is that when playing with others, it is easier and quicker to play and certainly takes a lot less time to setup and put away!

Playing against the iPad, using the AI, is less satisfying after a while, as you can predict the behaviour and use that knowledge to defeat it.

So for me Monopoly for iPad is an alternative to using the actual board game when you need a quick game or when you are in a place in which you can’t play the board game.

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