Mondo Solitaire for iPad – Game Choice #02

If you like using your iPad for games (in the main casual gaming) then you may be interested in the following games that I have enjoyed playing on my iPad over the last few years.

Mondo Solitaire – £3.99

On every Windows computer was a copy of Solitaire, partly to teach users how to use a mouse, and in the main for users to waste time…

There are a number of free Solitaire apps for the iPad, but what I like about Mondo Solitaire is the sheer number and variety of games within the app.

Mondo Solitaire is the ultimate Solitaire experience for your iPad. With over 100 games and over 200 different combinations of gameplay, you’re sure to find your favorites, such as Klondike and FreeCell, plus many new games to discover, from Angkor Wat to Xerces.

Mondo Solitaire’s beautiful, crisp graphics let you easily identify your cards and assess your current move. Clever tools like the magnifying glass and the paper clip help you intuitively manage your game.

A familiar library search lets you sort and select all of your games — by name, style, favorites, and even popularity. The categorized interface makes it really easy to find the exact game you want to play.

Mondo Solitaire is a true casual game you can play whenever and wherever, yet dismiss quickly to surf the web or send messages. When finished, simply tap on the game application’s icon and head right back into the action!

There is a huge choice of card games to play and the library function certainly makes it very easy to work out which games you like and which ones you’ve not played yet.

The size of the iPad screen makes it ideal for playing card games and is much easier than playing using the iPhone screen (though there is a version of Mondo for the iPhone, alas it is not an universal app so you will need to buy it for both the iPad and the iPhone).

Mondo was one of the first games I purchased for my iPad and I have been very pleased with it.

Mondo Top 5 Solitaire (which is £1.99) uses the same solitaire gaming engine in “mondo Solitaire” to bring you FreeCell, Golf, Klondike, Pyramid, and Spider. However for £3.99 with the full Mondo you get over a hundred games, so I would spend the £3.99.

Get Mondo Solitaire in the iTunes App Store. – No longer available.