HP 2133

You know not sure why I am writing this, as HP no longer make their HP 2133 having replaced it with the 10″ HP 2140…

As netbooks go, I quite like the HP 2133, in the main as the keyboard is much bigger than your average netbook and therefore a lot more usable.

The model I got has 1GB of RAM, a 100GB HDD and an 8.9″ screen.

HP 2133

The included camera does not work under the Suse Linux operating system (which surprised me) and in many ways the Suse Linux is (for me) the one weak point of the machine.

Now don’t get me wrong (yes I know I come across as a bit of a Mac fanboy) but it’s not that I don’t like Linux. I do like Ubuntu and think the Xandros distro on the Asus EeePC is extremely well done. I have installed Mint on another system. I do use and like Linux. However there are some issues I am having which are making me thing to either install another Linux distro or possibly Windows 7.

So what are my main issues?

Well it’s all to do with the wireless networking. I can’t seem to get the HP 2133 to join my wireless network automatically, I always need to enter not my wireless network key, but the administrator’s password to unlock the HP 2133’s default keyring

so that it can then connect to the wireless network. The other aspect is that if I set the HP 2133 to Sleep or Hibernate, the only way I can rejoin the wireless network once I have awoken the HP 2133 is by restarting which kind of defeats the reason for using he Sleep or Hibernate function!

Now I have done a little searching (not a lot, but a little) but haven’t come up with any answers.

So what with the camera, the sleep wireless issue and the Flash Player problems I am seriously giving thought to putting on a different OS