It’s tiny, but big…

Well the 2GB Micro SD card I ordered form arrived yesterday.

It’s for my LG Viewty to give it a little more memory over the in-built 100MB.

The Micro SD card is tiny, really really small.

I am impressed that it holds 2GB, I look at some of my old clunky memory cards which hold 64MB and I think to myself how things have moved on.

It’s tiny, but big.

Safari Memory Hog

Safari (web browser on the Mac) does annoy me now and again by pretending it needs lots and lots of memory which then slows my whole Mac down.

I’ve just had to force quit Safari which was demanding 5.16GB of virtual memory. This was playing havoc with other stuff I was doing on the Mac.

Once I quit Safari, all was fine and everything speeded up.

I am not sure why Safari gets this demanding with memory, but it does happen quite a lot, so every so often I have to quit Safari and restart.