Ten years of Snapseed

Can’t quite get my head around I have been using Snapseed for over ten years now…

This was my first use of Snapseed back in 2011 of Gloucestershire College.

Here is my most recent use of Snapseed in 2021. This is the old Grosvenor Hotel in Bristol.

I have written about Snapseed before. In 2018 I spoke about the app and showed of some of my photographs I had edited in Snapseed. There was an earlier post in 2012.

I was particularly pleased with the way this image of the Matthew at the Bristol Harbour Festival turned our, almost like an oil painting with the shadows and textures.

Matthew at Bristol Harbour Festival

My original thoughts from ten years ago were in this post.

Over the last few days I have been playing around with the Snapseed app for the iPad. 

This is a wonderful photograph editing app that I was told about by Mark Power on the Twitter, here is a live link to his image.