Maps on the iPod touch

Since upgrading my iPod touch with the new applications, I have been wondering how effective the Maps application would be in finding my location.

Get directions and check traffic with Google Maps. Even find yourself, wherever you are. Using some local Wi-Fi networks (if Wi-Fi is turned on), iPod touch finds your approximate location and gives directions from there. Mark specific locations, find the best route between them and search for points of interest along the way. With a hybrid map and satellite view, you can see major street names on top of satellite images.

I had tried to find myself a few times already including on my home network, with no luck. Today I was in the centre of Birmingham and it worked, it found where I was.

Now I am not sure how useful that is, as I already knew where I was!

Of course there is more to the Maps application then locating myself, I do find it useful for checking locations and it’s always fun to look at the satellite images.