Charging Annoyance

MagSafe 2 Power Adapter

I am currently having an intermittent charging problem with my MacBook Retina. I “plug” in the charger and it fails to charge the battery, there is no green or orange light. If I tweak the charger then the green light comes on and then the orange. What I mean by tweak is that after plugging in the charger, I slightly move it up without breaking the magnetic connection and then down agina. At which point the light comes on.

I don’t think it is a hardware issue, but could be a software one. However I might be entirely wrong and it’s a problem with the cable! As it’s one of the new cables I don’t have a spare I could try.

At this time, now I know what tweak I need to do, it’s more of an annoyance than a huge problem.


Those who know me, know that I work across three major sites in Gloucestershire. I was very annoyed with myself as yesterday I was at Gloucester and then went to the Forest of Dean. I accidentally left my MacBook power adapter at Gloucester.

MagSafe 2 Power Adapter

Wouldn’t have been so bad, but today I was based in Cheltenham. As a result I knew I needed a spare adapter, the problem (well a first world problem) was that I have the new MacBook Retina, and it uses a different kind of power adapter to the older MacBooks. As a result I couldn’t use anyone else’s adapter. One of the problems in been an early adopter is that sometimes you are the only person in the organisation that has a specific device, so no one has an adapter you can borrow.

Now what is doubly frustrating, I do in fact have one of those small metal adapters that allow you to use an older power cable with the newer MacBook Retina. The problem is that it is quite small, only about half an inch long. As a result I put it somewhere safe.

Can I remember where that safe place is?

No I can not.

As you might expect, I am frustrated. As a result I will now have to wait until Tuesday before I can charge my laptop…