Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless-N Dual Band Ethernet Converter

I was always a fan of the Linksys WET54G. It allows you to connect a wired client to a wireless network, acting as an ethernet bridge. For some time I have been thinking about getting an 802.11n version of the device.However whenever I looked it appeared that Linksys weren’t making one. Obviously I haven’t been looking enough as there are now quite a few 802.11n ethernet bridges now on the market. As well as the Linksys, there is a D-Link and I noticed that Buffalo make the Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless-N Dual Band Ethernet Converter. This looked like an ideal solution for under the TV. I have been using an ethernet cable however the “Little People” kept pulling the cable out so I have been thinking about a wireless solution. I didn’t want 802.11g as that (from experience) with the WET54G it was too slow for video.

The reason the Buffalo device appeals, is that it comes with four ethernet ports, which means I can connect four devices to the network.

I have ordered the Buffalo device and it should arrive next week.