Keynote Tweetless

Loose Change

Today I was presenting a keynote at the RSC Wales Conference in Cardiff. I had finished my presentation, however on the train I took the decision that the audience probably would be on the Twitter and therefore this was an opportunity to engage with my audience and get them discussing through Twitter. It would also be an easy way to add value to my Keynote presentation with links to relevant blog posts, news items, wikipedia articles and images.

So I went through the presentation and added the [twitter][/twitter] comments in the presentation notes.

It was only after I had done all this that I wondered if the recent Twitter API change would make a difference, so I tested the process and it didn’t work.

It had worked seamlessly before, but wasn’t working now. The main difference between then and now was the change in the Twitter API.

I checked my settings and then went through the process I had used before that was outlined on this blog post. I checked, and went through the whole authorisation process, but to no avail.

As a result I didn’t have the time to set up another solution, so my presentation was in the end tweetless.

For the future I think I will need to find another solution, what I liked about Keynote Tweet was the seamless way it worked with Keynote allowing individual tweets to be “sent” from individual slides.

If you know of a possible solution let me know in the comments.