No more Internet Explorer

Spider Web by Daniel Orth CC BY-ND 2.0

Spider Web by Daniel Orth CC BY-ND 2.0

Microsoft has retired its web browser Internet Explorer after 27 years

Internet Explorer’s popularity was dented by the launch of faster browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, as users seized on new applications to navigate platforms including Google Search, Facebook and YouTube. The rise of smartphones then arguably delivered the fatal blow, with Apple’s pre-installed Safari browser and Google Chrome on Android phones helping to shift internet access and usage into the mobile realm.

As a Mac user I remember the frustration of web sites being Internet Explorer only, which was compounded when I started using mobile devices.

I do like this animation of web browser usage over the years (you certainly see at one point the dominance of Internet Explorer).

Unresponsive Internet Explorer

Well despite doing nothing but installing Windows Updates I have encountered a very annoying issue on my Sony VIAO P with Internet Explorer that I have as yet been unable to resolve.

After starting Internet Explorer it becomes unresponsive. I am unable to interact with the application, close it down or anything… Also no error messages.

Google searching isn’t much help as “unresponsive Internet Explorer” doesn’t come up with anything useful, it comes up with lots, but not much useful.

So far the only solution appears to be is install a new browser.

I have a hunch and it’s only a hunch that the problem lies with Internet Explorer 8, so I am intending to upgrade to IE 9.

In the meantime Chrome and Safari are now my browsers of choice, though I may also install Firefox.

EyeTV Wireless Access

One of the features of EyeTV during a recent update (version 2.5) was the ability to stream recordings wirelessly to an iPhone or an iPod touch.

As at the time I had neither I didn’t either turn it on or check it out.

Now having an iPod touch I gave it a go and was well impressed. It’s simple to turn on, just go to the relevant section in the EyeTV preferences.

EyeTV Wireless Access Preferences

Now what I didn’t realise was that basically what EyeTV does is convert the videos into a format which plays on the iPod touch, but hosts it on the Mac with the EyeTV with a webpage as a front end.

Now that webpage can be viewed on your iPod touch (or iPhone), but also can be viewed on a Mac which is using Safari 3 (the page does not work on Safari 2).

EyeTV Wireless Access on Safari 3

You can also use  Firefox ( or Camino (1.5.1), clicking on the links plays (streams) the file in Quicktime.

The file plays fine over an 802.11g network.

However it also works on a Windows PC as well, it worked fine on my Windows XP Tablet using Firefox, however it didn’t work on Internet Explorer 6 or on a Vista PC with Internet Explorer 7. Obviously you also need to have Quicktime installed on the PC. Quite a useful way of streaming video across a home network.