Explosion in the mobile internet

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BBC reports on research carried out on behalf of Intel says that we will see a huge increase in the use of mobile internet devices.

The world of mobile internet devices is set to explode in the next four years says chip maker Intel.

Research carried out for the company suggests portable net-enabled devices will grow to 1.2 billion by 2012 as the need to be connected increases.

Intel’s predictions were unveiled as it launched a series of chips designed for portable web-browsing gadgets.

I certainly find I am using the internet on mobile devices more then ever.

Video killed the internet… or will it!

Ten years ago most of used the net for usenet, e-mail and browsing was in the main text with a few pictures.

Today the internet is a much richer in terms of content, and video is a big part of this, anyone for YouTube?

However will this growth in video be the death of the internet?

The BBC reports on this very issue:

There is no doubt that video is big on the net. But is it getting too big?

Ask AT&T and it will answer – yes.

Speaking in London in late April, Jim Cicconi, AT&T’s vice president of legal affairs, said the burgeoning amount of video would consume all the net’s bandwidth in two years.

So will the interent collapse under the weight of a new richer internet, well I think not!

3G N73 Mac Internet

A guide on how to connect a Mac to enable it to use 3G Nokia N73 as a Bluetooth modem.

Connecting a Mac to the internet via Vodafone 3G and Bluetooth enabled Nokia N73 Update: link no longer works

This guide takes you through the process on a Mac (running Tiger 10.4) and on a Nokia N73 phone and enables you to connect via a Bluetooth connection to the Nokia N73 and use the phone’s 3G data connection for internet access.

Nokia N73

This guide may also be useful to people with other phones and 3G accounts with other providers.