111.6″ MacBook Air

Well the rumours proved correct with the Apple event on the 20th October with the release of iLife ’11, details of OS X 10.7 Lion and new MacBook Air models.

We got a new 13.3″ MacBook Air and a nice little 11.6″ model.

For me the 11.6″ model is a true portable Mac, almost a netbook. I really like the idea of that.

Slightly pricy though at £849 for the low end model.

iLife ’11

Once more the rumour mill gets going and lots of talk about a possible new version of iLife been released on the 20th October.

It certainly would be the right time for an update.

Lots of talk too about iDVD going and been replaced with an iPhone App creation tool.

Looking forward to the event.

Installing Leopard

So I have my new drive, a 1TB LaCie Poulton, and though it is not as quiet as I would like (well a 7200rpm drive is still quite noisy, but at least there are no noisy fans).

So decided to install Leopard on it and use it as a boot drive for my iMac. The iMac only came with a 250GB drive which is proving problematic, I am hoping with 1TB of space that I can at least have a little more room for “stuff”.

Rather than install Leopard direct, I decided to install from the iMac install disks and then install Leopard on top of that.

Once Tiger was installed, I went straight to Leopard. Once Leopard was installed I then ran Software Update, and of course forgot to change the energy saver settings, so as before, the iMac did a Vista on me and turned itself off whilst downloading a 560MB update – for 10.5.4

I will then need to decide which software to install that I will use.

Wondering if Office 2004 is Leopard compatible (I think it is) and wondering if CS2 is? Problem with both those is that they are both not Universal applications, so both rely on Rosetta as they are PowerPC applications, and as a result are quite memory intensive.

Will certainly be installing iWork ’08 and iLife ’08 and iMovie HD ’06 as well.

Still downloading the updates.

…but I don’t like iMovie ‘08!

I actually quite like iMovie ’08 for certain movie projects, however I do miss certain elements of iMovie 06.

Some people really don’t like iMovie ’08 and if they have upgraded to iLife ’08 or have bought a new Mac then they won’t have the ’06 version.

However Apple have realised that not all movie projects are suited to iMovie ’08 so now you can download iMovie ’06 if you want.

iMovie HD 6, previously distributed with iLife ’06, is available for download for those who have purchased and installed iLife ’08.

Download it here.