A journey to York

I drove to York in my Funky from Weston super Mare. Should add that I didn’t see another Funky in the wild. Only time I have seen another Funky recently was  at the dealer where there were loads!

Anyhow depending on how you go this is about 250 miles. More than the range of the Funky. 

I had some interesting charging experiences which I thought I would share. 

On my way up I stopped at work for some meetings and took the opportunity to do a full 100% charge. The predicted range was 169 miles.

Once I set off again I had planned to stop at the Hopwood Services on the M42. These have the troublesome Gridserve chargers but having checked the map I had a backup plan to use the InstaVolt chargers at the Corley Services on the M6. 

As I approached Hopwood I realised I had a fair bit of charge in the car and seeing that the next services on the M42 were just thirty miles away I kept going and headed onto the services at Tamworth on the M42. They also had Gridserve chargers, but the Corley Services were still an option.

Once I was at Tamworth and having heard about the issues people have had with Gridserve chargers you can imagine my hesitation when connecting my Funky to a charger on the M42.


So I was quite pleased after connecting to the Gridserve charger all was working fine. 

Also impressed with the speed of charging as well. I went from a 35% charge to an 85% charge in just over thirty minutes. Just about enough time for a cortado from Costa.

Should point out that my Funky had two dealer updates recently.

After charging and the coffee I again headed north. 

As I approached York I stopped at the Moto Ferrybridge services for another coffee and a top up charge. The hotel I was staying at didn’t have EV charging. Not all the chargers at the services were in operation, but quite a few were available.  I did my charge and then headed off to complete my journey. All in all it was quite painless and not much different compared to when I drove to York in a petrol car.