Skitch is Free

I have been using Skitch for a while now and more so more recently for making screengrabs, annotating screengrabs and for sharing them.

I have had the free version since it came out and due to my increased usage was considering buying the $20 plus version that has a few more features.

Well as of today, Skitch has been bought by Evernote and as a result the plus version is now free.

So if you have been sharing screengrabs and want more than just the built in version in OS X then get Skitch.

Get Skitch now in the Mac App Store.

OneNote in the UK (finally)

Finally OneNote for the iPhone is now available in the UK.

If you work within a Microsoft Office ecosystem and have access to OneNote on your PC then this app will be a really useful addition to your iPhone.

Microsoft OneNote Mobile is an easy-to-use note-taking application for capturing all of your ideas and to-dos on the go, brought to you by Microsoft Office.

With OneNote Mobile, create searchable notes with text, pictures, bullets, and checkboxes. Then keep your notes in sync using free Windows Live SkyDrive cloud storage to access, edit and manage them from virtually anywhere, from your PC or almost any web browser.

Worringly it does say…

**Free for a limited time**

So get it now before it becomes expensive!

No idea why it was US only before, but geographical limitations on apps and services seem to be the norm these days.

By the way if OneNote sound a lot like Evernote then yes you would be right. Having immersed myself in an Evernote ecosystem, I probably won’t be using OneNote. Evernote is available on the iPhone and the iPad for instance, as well as native apps for Mac OS X, Windows and through the browser. However if a lot of people in my college start to use OneNote and we’re sharing notes then I may need to use it more, so pleased to see the iPhone App now available in the UK.

Get OneNote for iPhone from the App Store.

Using the Apps

I have been using mobile devices for years, but I have probably installed more applications on my iPod touch in the last week than I have on multiple devices over the last ten years!

Okay that might be an exaggeration, but installing Apps on the iPod touch (and I guess the iPhone) is so simple, either via the device or on iTunes.

I am getting a lot of use out of the Evernote and Zenbe applications, as well as FileMagnet and the WordPress App.

I read how annoyed the author of iDrops was about the lack of visibility for his game. I went to his website, played the game and understood why Apple may not have wanted the game to be in the top ten – it’s a copy of the Bubble game included with Windows Mobile!  However I did enjoy that game on my PocketPC so after playing the website version for a while, I did go and buy the iDrops game (well it was only 59p ($0.99)).

Overall I am impressed with the apps available (especially the free ones) and unlike others I have only had one crash so far.

Evernote on the iPod touch

43 Folders has posted a short review of the Evernote application for the iPhone (or the iPod touch).

I need to do a full post on Evernote here some time soon, because it really is a nifty little application for collecting, storing, and organizing practically any kind of information you can throw at it. The iPhone version is a stripped-down, all-business version of the app that will scratch an itch for Evernote fans who are fatigued by having to email everything to the mothership.

Having used it myself, it works quite well.

 Evernote on the iPod touch

Applications on the iPod touch

I have been trying out and installing some applications on the iPod touch now that firmware 2.0 is available.

Very pleased with Remote which allows your iPod to control your Mac’s iTunes collection which makes it perfect for using with an Airport Express.

Also tried the Evernote application which works really well for me.

Still to try out some others.

I haven’t bought one yet, but may do so soon.


I have been using Evernote for a while now.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

Now what I like about Evernote, is not only can you use it online from any web browser, they also have clients for OS X and Windows. If you have a Tablet PC you can even use your “Pen” to make notes too.

They also have a Windows Mobile client and one should also be available for the iPhone (and so the iPod touch) soon.

There is this video which helps explain things a little better.

Evernote was until yesterday an invite only site, it is now in public beta so anyone can now sign up.

Find out more.

Evernote Invite

TUAW have arranged a special invite for Evernote.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible searchable at anytime, from anywhere. and

Hurry over to this link:

before 2 PM ET (that’s 9am BST I believe) on May 20th to get your very own invitation!

Update: Now finished.