Now why isn’t it working…

I have been tidying up my office at home, and moving the desk around.

I took the opportunity to unplug everything from the iMac in order to clean the power cables of all the external drives I have – it’s incredible how dusty they get stuck behind the Mac and the desk.

Having moved everything off the desk and moved the desk I put everything back.

Problem, the (somewhat irritating) blue light on my external LaCie DVD burner wasn’t on. Checked  the powerstrip (I knew I had plugged it in), checked that the power supply was attached, even checked the firewire cables.


Okay lets unplug all the other firewire devices; I have three firewire devices daisy-chained together, the DVD burner, an EyeTV 410 and a LaCie external hard drive.

So with just the burner attached, still no luck, wouldn’t even appear in System Profiler.

Had I broken it?

Was there a secret on off switch?

Annoyed, you bet!

Okay maybe it’s a duff socket on the powerstrip, lets change that over…

What’s that…


The plug was in the socket, but was not all the way in.

Plug it in, okay so now it works!